Woodworking plans for beginners?

Most of us probably throw our spare pens and pencils into a random drawer and hope to find them when we need them. But what if you could have a dedicated space for them that fits the rest of the motif of your design? A custom pencil or pen holder can be adapted to that need. Even better, you can get acquainted with cutting holes, creating a simple DIY job that is not 100% beginner. It is a perfect starter piece for beginners in woodworking.

Just like when you build a simple shoe rack for your wet shoes, creating a French cleat tape storage is an easy woodworking project that any novice carpenter could do. The construction process should go smoothly as long as you have reclaimed wood, a small drill and wood screws. Instead of a typical coat rack or bottle rack, beginner carpenters can choose to tackle more complicated projects, such as the hammer rack with French studs. It's not a common piece of work, but basically it's a hanging rack where you can keep different types of hammers lined up so you know where to get them when needed.

If you live in a small or minimal space, it may not be practical to add side tables or TV trays everywhere in your space. Sofa covers can save the day. The sofa covers make it easy to rest on the sofa with a cup of hot tea. This tutorial will show you everything you need to make your own cover that fits your sofa.

Wooden Couch Cover with Cup Holder by A Beautiful Mess DIY Wooden Arrow Tutorial by Cherished Bliss This post is part of my Woodworking 101 series that goes over everything you need to know when you are starting out in woodworking. This DIY mail organizer is very easy to make and the perfect starting point for a beginner carpenter. Yes, no power tools are needed, but if you have any, you just need a miter saw and a nail gun. If you plan to do more carpentry projects in the long term, you will need a simple bench that will serve as a support for boards or cutting board.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and carpentry plans to build this great DIY outdoor monogram planter on the chart of your choice, for a cozy and personalized front porch decoration.