Woodworking plans can storage rack?

Canned Goods Storage Rack Plans Free Canned Food Storage, Pantry, These 32 inch wide, 16 inch deep and 3.5 inch high shelves can hold up to 150 cans, putting an end to all your canned food storage dilemmas. This DIY design holds 42 cans. Most importantly, make sure you match the width of each dispenser shelf to the height of the can. Since not all cans you buy are the same height, the width of the dispenser shelves may vary accordingly.

Here on this site, you'll discover how you can build a 2' X 2' wall-mounted can dispenser with five compartments, four of which hold 15 oz cans, and the remaining one has 5 oz tuna-sized cans; holding 39 cans in total. This canned food storage can hold up to 126 cans and is very practical for those families who have varieties of canned food in their pantry as it is a two-tier FIFO shelf. The blogger of 'Shanty 2 chic' had to develop this unique wooden shelf solution to address her problem of organizing canned food. With a family of 7 members and the number of cans of food to feed the family, I had to be extremely creative.

I made these racks to fit into the wall space I had available. I chose to make four smaller shelves instead of one large one. I did it because of my personal storage needs. This particular rack holds 17 cans in each of the vertical rows and one shelf at the end holds 16 cans of tuna.

This design is quite simple; you can choose any type of wood you want. We had most of the wood on hand, but we had to buy something from the local sawmill.