Is ted's woodworking worth the money?

In conclusion, it's safe to say that Ted's carpentry plans are worthwhile and will help you realize all your woodworking dreams. After doing some research, I found a tangled network of affiliate sites that link to “Ted and his plans. These affiliates are accumulating money by making a 75% commission on their “plans. Unsuspecting customers pay and receive copies of blueprints from old carpentry magazines that were illegally scanned.

They also receive links to free plans on the Internet, such as mine and other DIY bloggers (listed at the bottom of this page) who have worked hard to provide you with this content for free. Ted's Woodworking Plans, created by Ted McGrath, is a collection of more than 16,000 carpentry plans and projects that you can follow to make your garden chairs, home furniture, bird feeders, sheds and many other items without hiring a professional. Premium carpentry videos are included as a bonus, and if you prefer to watch tutorials from time to time, you may find them useful because they are presented by master carpenters. So it offers 16,000 different carpentry project plans with systematic guidance and video tutorials to help you get started.

If you're someone looking to work wood and build your furniture, Ted's carpentry guide can be a big help in your life. So when I saw and read posts about the so-called complete package of Ted's Woodworking Plans with a list of 16,000 resources, I was thrilled. There are also detailed instructions, illustrations, and a bill of materials, but we'll discuss this more later in this review of Ted's carpentry plans. However, due to time and work constraints, I couldn't afford to do much of my own research on carpentry plans for some time because of that.

There is a list of different categories you can search in, including Woodworking for Beginners, Woodworking for Professionals and more. Well, I had thousands of plans inside the package with a huge collection of detailed woodworking projects and videos to boost. With the help of Ted's woodworking guide, you get schematic and detailed blueprints that are easy to understand. Ted's carpentry plans come with a lot of benefits that you're unlikely to enjoy if you choose any other program.

In addition, you will have access to many premium carpentry videos from experienced carpenters made to give you more techniques, tips and ideas. Some people online have suggested that Ted's woodworking plans are blatantly ripped off from a myriad of sources and brought together into a digital mega product of “plans”. Teds Woodworking is a great tool for anyone who wants to make a quick buck in the woodworking industry.